In this Five (5) part online workshop... 

You’ll learn how Shannon sets up her imaginative composite sessions, how she works with her younger subjects, manipulates lighting, and achieve a whimsical and fanciful photographic piece of art!

Start to finish, from shooting to full editing techniques - you get it all, nothing is left out! In addition, you will receive two (2) downloads. A full lighting guide PDF, plus firefly overlays to use in your own creations.

If you are ready to learn ALL of the techniques that will set you apart from other photographers, sign up for the “Great Escape” Master Class, TODAY!

Join the Masterclass - The Great Escape!

Shooting & Posing Techniques

  • Manipulating Lighting in Studio
  • Posing and shooting for a composite
  • Styling and shaping subjects and light
  • Proper lighting for Composites

Editing Courses

  • How to perfect cut subjects
  • Skin Techniques that smooth yet keep textures
  • Lighting tweaks for highlights and shadowing
  • Color balancing and working tones
  • Proper blending and shadowing for overlays, 
  • and so much more!

Portrait Painting

  • Smoothing and painting subjects hair, bugs and wardrobe
  • Painting even the tiniest details
  • Transforming colors
  • Multiple brush techniques
  • Creating a final, oil painted, aesthetic 
Join the Masterclass - The Great Escape


All the tools you need to create your own whimsical and imaginative photographic piece of art! 



Tracy J.

Learning editing techniques and proper lighting from Shannon was the best thing I have done for my photography career - and self esteem. Every video I watch, I learn a new technique I never new was possible.

I would sign up over - and over again... and again. 

Susan H. 

Shannon Squires is a true artist and a wonderful and supportive educator. She is a master in her craft and a leader in the photography industry. She has been and continues to be an inspiration to me as well as countless other photographers, and she has shaped the photographer that I am today.

Jillian V.

My biggest goal each year is to look back and see the growth in my work from the previous year. Education is the key to continued success and Shannon Squires was incredible to learn from. fter all, the minute we as artist think that we have nothing left to learn, we have plateaued. - Jillian V