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1:1 Mentoring - Making Your Creative Dreams Come True

Over the past few years, I have been teaching fine art editing, compositing, and portrait painting across the United States and abroad. Now, I’d like to help you learn these techniques through my 1:1 Mentoring Sessions. I will share my passion for creating fine art photography, as well as be a friend and mentor. My goal is to help you grow your photography business and hone your skills. I’m ready to build off your passion and feed your creativity, together.

Let’s get started. Together we can make your creative dreams come true with your own personalized mentoring!



Mastering a variety of editing techniques to create fine art photography is my passion, sharing what I learn is what drives me. 


During our mentoring sessions, you will learn the techniques I use to create my award-winning images. I will give you the tools and resources you will need to achieve your photographic and artistic goals. You will receive personalized guidance and be able to ask questions to make sure you understand the information. 


If creating composites is your goal, then let me open up my creative treasure chest and share all of the skills you’ll need.


Creating magic through combining photographic pieces into a composite piece of art holds a special place in my heart, and is an area I thrive in. Let me share the process I use to create my composites, and let me give you the tools to take your vision from an idea to a masterpiece.



What is portrait painting? Think of a piece of fine art hanging in a gallery. Now, imagine each brush stroke the artist made to create his or her masterpiece. Impressive, right? I will teach you how to make a similar impression using digital painting.


If you want to separate yourself from your competition, I will show you new techniques that you can apply to your everyday fine art portraits that will take you to a whole new level..

Are you ready to spark your own creativity! 

Let's connect and make magic happen! 

Since these sessions are meant to help you grow, you will be able to learn at your own pace. This self-driven pace will allow you to receive the coaching you need to capture and create amazing images.


Get started today before this once in a lifetime opportunity expires.

Testimonials from Past Mentees


Mentoring with Shannon was the best step for both my career, and personal photography goals. She took her time with me, answering all questions and guiding me along the entire way.

I wished I would have jumped into mentoring with her soon... Shannon filled in all the "blanks" I was missing

~Tracy J.


My biggest goal each year is to look back and see the growth in my work from the previous year. Shannon put a lot of time and consideration into our lessons together. Not only did I learn new techniques, but she also helped me perfect my own style and techniques. I am forever grateful and look forward to my next mentoring session with her. 

- Jillian V

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